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High Quality Premium WordPress Themes for Real Estate

When getting started with real estate, it’s always important to use the proper layout to attract the right customers. Having everything line up neatly, all the parts in working condition, but also making sure that everything is easily navigable, whether the customer is on their computer, or on their phone. To get started, here are 10 of the best WordPress real estate themes reviewed, for you to take note of in your future ventures.

1. Real Homes

real homes wordpress theme

Sitting snugly at the top of ThemeForest, Real Homes has a great, slick design for $59.00. It touts an easy to search function, allowing you up to 4 home searches at once. It values compression and comprehensive layouts to not have cluttered information, but is still very friendly to use, as well as customization in case you wish to switch things up here and there. It allows for ease of editing homes, with the meta boxes simply placed, without needless information. Very few downsides, and very few bugs or glitches, and an accurate housing map to boot.


2. MyHome

MyHome - Real Estate WordPress Theme

Next on the list is Myhome. At $59.00 for a license, it offers everything you could ever want. Great compatibility with mobile phones, tablets, and computers, it boasts great speed and functionality. Although it does utilize multiple webpages for separate mechanics, which can cause user clutter, with the low downtime between refresh rates, it feels like you’re speeding through the site for users. Editing your houses for people to see is also great and simple, with full listings allowing you to research and compare between multiple houses at once, instead of just side by side.


3. WP Residence

WP Residence Real Estate WordPress Theme

WP Residence offers a widespread amount of customization. With licensing costing $59.00, it comes with multiple demos and imports, allowing you to completely tailor your site to your needs. Whether this includes your web search, or editing your housing market to better reflect what is up and able to be sold, the deep customization of WP Residence greatly allows for uniqueness, albeit some bugs that are constantly ironed out.


4. Beyot

BEYOT - WordPress Real Estate Theme

A smaller theme wordpress, the Beyot license is priced at $60.00 and comes with all your standard needs for your real estate site. Allowing for both simple interactions, the customization in terms of widgits is somewhat on the lower spectrum, but the ease and simplicity draws customers in. Simple comparison between homes allows for easy negotiations, and it also allows users to submit their own houses for sale, whether you apply a fee or not is up to you.


5. Home Villa

Home Villas | Real Estate WordPress Theme

Home Villas is another smaller wordpress theme, priced at $59.00, but currently $30.00 due to an easter weekend deal. Although slightly difficult to navigate with its multiple different web pages for each specific task, the detail that is attained through information and research gives you clarity in whatever you plan to do, allowing for you to fill in as necessary. With Home Villa constantly being updated with new features, it’s a great wordpress to allow your real estate business to stand on its own.


6. Landmark

Landmark - Real Estate WordPress Theme

At $49.00 for a license, Landmark wordpress theme is a great simple tool for your real estate needs. With ease of customization, although not as heavily customizable as some others, it gives you very easy customization in terms of listings of homes, as well as customization of profiles for your users to fully integrate into the system. Looks sharp on every screen, whether you’re on a laptop, desktop, mobile phone, or tablet. A fair point is customization of property icons when it comes to maps, which most other wordpress do not allow you to do.


7. Realtyspace

Realtyspace - Real estate WordPress Theme

At $59.00 for a license, Realtyspace allows you to give ease of access to customers and visitors to the site. Although it only has a few variations and customizations in terms of usage and different information flows, the uniqueness of color pallets and backgrounds, as well as live editing, will allow you to tailor your website to bring about a unique viewing pleasure to your target audience. Perfect for making you stand out.


8. Realia

Realia - Responsive Real Estate WordPress Theme

Realia offers a simple platform, with stable and responsive searches to keep users up to date with housing offers. At $59.00 for licensing, Realia is constantly being updated to streamline the service. Although it does not offer the highest amount of pure customization that other wordpresses offer, it makes up for it in simplicity, offering only the information without any added extras. Perfect for people that might be in a hurry, or aren’t looking to beat around the bush.


9. Realty

Realty - Unique Real Estate WordPress Theme

Realty is one of the more pricy themes, priced at $69.00 for licensing. For the price, it offers almost unlimited options, customizations, and interchangeable parts, all while staying simple, easy to understand, and easy to use for both agents and users. Customization doesn’t just extend to the website itself, either. Customizing the map to better reflect the essence of what homes are more affordable, or pricy, etc., is a very useful function that Realty offers as well. Very customizable, very useful, and all around great for the price.


10. Houzez

Houzez - Real Estate WordPress Theme

At $59.00 for licensing, Houzez offers you a simplistic version for those that wish to skip over the extra bits. With full usage for agents and companies, it offers simple styles that allow you to get directly to the information. With multiple one click demo imports for use and simple customizing, Houzez lets you start up quickly, without dropping the ball on small misses with your website. Great for those that are looking to just go with the flow.


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